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Governor support

The importance of a council of governors to NHS foundation trusts cannot be overestimated; they are an essential component of a trust's governance arrangements. They have many duties but their core role in law is to hold the non-executive directors to account for the performance of the board and to represent members and the public - a strong move towards public accountability.

Following NHS Providers and the Foundation Trust Governors' Association (FTGA) formally joining together in 2014, governors are now represented by NHS Providers, the membership organisation for all NHS public provider trusts, and a core part of our work programme for member trusts.

This means that, with NHS Providers representing 95% of all foundation trusts and most NHS trusts, councils of governors will gain in influence and individual governors have access to even more support and training.

Our work is directed by the Governor Policy Board (GPB) which comprises of eight FT governors elected by the membership and two NHS Providers board members who are foundation trust chairs.

The team supporting governors now includes:

  • Claire O’Neill        Governor support programme manager
  • Edwin Magombe  Governor support officer
  • Angela Williams   GovernWell support officer
  • Kim Hutchings     Head of Development and Engagement
  • John Coutts         Governance advisor

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For information on our dedicated training programme for foundation trust governors, please see the GovernWell area of our website.