Chris Hopson


Chris joined NHS Providers in September 2012 as chief executive following a career spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Chris leads NHS Providers and its staff team with particular emphasis on publicly representing the organisation in the media and with senior stakeholders.

Addressing the NHS top leadership challenge


Chris Hopson, chief executive, NHS Providers and Jan Sobieraj, managing director, NHS Leadership Academy say the NHS must invest in the development of new senior leaders in order to meet its future needs Read on...


2015/16 NHS finances – a ‘one NHS’ solution is needed


Collaborative approach between local and national systems for NHS to stay within its 2015-16 budget Read on...


The new health secretary will face an uphill battle


The new health secretary must draw up a road map for sustainable health services. Here are their five priorities, according Chris Hopson Read on...


The General Election campaigns are avoiding NHS funding questions that really matter


Chris Hopson outlines the five key questions that the election campaigns have yet to answer Read on...


We can't just 'do the same again' to make £22bn of NHS efficiencies


There are three things that NHS providers need to successfuly rise to the stretching challenge, says Chris Hopson. Read on...


The next parliament needs to stabilise and transform the NHS


In the lead-up to the general election, cumulative stress is starting to show and health service leaders face tough decisions Read on...


The NHS must learn from the tariff veto and make immediate changes


Five years of cuts and undeliverable targets, and unprecedented demand left providers with no option but to reject NHS England’s 2015-16 proposals, says Chris Hopson Read on...


The 2015/16 tariff and the extra £2 billion: Chris Hopson's view


NHS Providers chief executive Chris Hopson shares his views on the 2015/16 tariff and the extra £2 billion. Read on...

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The entire NHS can back the forward view's vision


Chris Hopson gives his view on NHS England's Five Year Forward View. Read on...


Mind the 2015/16 NHS funding gap


Chris Hopson addresses the three questions that need to be answered to fill the 2015/16 NHS funding gap: how much extra money is needed; where should it be spent; and how and when should any extra money be allocated? Read on...

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Transparency matters – but so does context


Chris Hopson says transparency matters - it enables improvement, ensures accountability and enhances choice, all of which are key for patients, providers and purchasers of NHS healthcare. Read on...


Mental health and the 2015/16 mandate


Running the NHS is about the prioritisation of scarce resources, but mental health continues to receive a disproportionately small slice of the funding allocation. Tough decisions need to be made to ensure the best for the sector Read on...


The short, medium and long view of NHS finances


The NHS is showing signs of a financial squeeze, but to find lasting solutions it must be aware of the different types of challenge, argues Chris Hopson Read on...


NHS waiting times - the long and short of it


Following secretary of state Jeremy Hunt's speech calling for NHS hospitals to clear their backlog of patients waiting for more than a year for treatment. While the FTN and its members welcome the funding, we must recognise that this approach has limitations. Read on...


The future of NHS trusts


FTN chief executive discusses the future of NHS trusts. Read on...


You get what you pay for — a different approach to the 2015/16 NHS tariff is crucial


Chris Hopson says we need a realistic approach to setting the 2015/16 NHS tariff, highlighting three ways of addressing the projected gap. Read on...


Simon Stevens’ sustainable strategic vision for the NHS


Chris Hopson reflects on Simon Stevens' recent interviews and early speeches, saying that he is using the freedom he has to think and act on his own terms o stimulate fresh thinking in a way that resonates with FTN members. Read on...


NHS providers face mounting financial and staffing pressures


NHS providers are worrying how to keep the quality of patient care high as resources are squeezed. Read on...


Quality and safety must determine our targets


Clinical priorities and patient choice should drive our decisions when setting waiting time targets, says Chris Hopson. Read on...


Making the better care fund even better


Last Friday (4 April) was the deadline for the submission of better care fund plans. Chris Hopson discusses how well this planning process has worked so far. Read on...


Sir Stuart will know the value of local leaders


FTN chief executive Chris Hopson says asking Sir Stuart Rose to lead a review of NHS leadership could end up being an inspired choice, and the FTN looks forward to working closely with Sir Stuart as he conducts his review. Read on...


What will 2014 bring for the NHS?


2013 was an annus horribilis for the health service, but this year offers an opportunity to prepare for the challenges ahead. Read on...


The NHS: planning to meet an extraordinarily difficult challenge


A perspective on the forthcoming NHS planning round from the chief executive of the Foundation Trust Network Read on...


Promising progress and continuing challenges for the CQC


With last week’s publication of their new transparency data and their appearance before the House of Commons health select committee, it’s a good time to consider the achievements of and ongoing challenges for the Care Quality Commission. Read on...


Signs of a shift in public views of NHS service reform?


New polling data from Ipsos MORI, commissioned for the FTN’s 2013 annual conference and exhibition in Liverpool, may have spotted a change in public opinion. Read on...


The real challenges of NHS finances - you get what you pay for


The NHS has to stick within its financial envelope. But we need an open and honest, rigorous and evidence-based, debate about what really is possible within that envelope, rather than what we wish were possible within it Read on...


Give troubled trusts the right to support and improve


Jeremy Hunt was right last week to talk about no stone being left unturned in the improvement of patient care. The Francis reports have, rightly, changed the game: the NHS can no longer focus on balancing finances and meeting access targets (important though these are) at the expense of patient care. Last week’s announcement on the special measures regime began to explore what the NHS should do when quality falls below required standards and what makes an effective quality failure regime. Read on...


Health and social care integration: how do we make it work?


International best practice suggests successful, patient-focused integrated health and care systems share 11 common features Read on...


The A&E £500 million: the devil is in the detail


The FTN strongly welcomes today’s announcement of an extra £500 million for accident and emergency services. It shows that the Government has listened to the concerns of NHS trusts. Read on...


Berwick review is an important intervention


The Berwick review into patient safety in the NHS is, unsurprisingly, an impressive and thoughtful piece of work. Professor Don Berwick’s keynote address to mark the NHS’s 60th anniversary in 2008 is rightly regarded as a superb intervention in the debate over NHS reform. Read on...


Quality of care is an issue we all need to face up to


The NHS has made considerable improvements in the past decade, with demonstrable leaps in performance including reducing waiting lists and improving access times. However, there remain pockets of practice where the quality of patient care is unacceptable. Read on...


Hunt's mandate moment


Does the new NHS mandate hit the mark? Read on...


NHS Trust Chief Executives have one of the toughest jobs


The people in the hottest seat around need more support Read on...


“We Can Work it Out” Not “Help!”


The Foundation Trust Network’s first annual conference and exhibition this week goes under the banner ‘Transition and Transformation’. Over 500 delegates will be gathering in Liverpool, home of the Beatles, to consider the seismic shifts that are affecting the NHS at the moment. Read on...


C is for Culture - not Control


It is rather apt that the former Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, who has now taken over the Health portfolio, spoke about culture in his first public foray at the Conservative party conference last week. Read on...


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